Private Schools

A custom social app takes you
to the head of the class

Between parents and teachers, staff and students, there’s a lot going on at your
school. Keep everyone on the same page with a custom, proprietary app.

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The ABC’s of your
school’s custom app

School directories, wrinkled flyers from the bottoms of backpacks, and long
email threads are all things of the past. A custom app makes it simple to
communicate and interact with your school community.

Custom groups make organizing easy

App administrators or community members can create groups within your
app for easy communication among:



Clubs / Activities



Easily find teachers, parents, coaches and more

Search within the app by name, or find people or groups with other search
criteria, such as:


Geographic location




Powerful messaging makes
communication a snap

Admins and users have a variety of ways to share
information within the app, including:

Push notifications (admin only) to the whole user base or smaller segments

Group calendars for classes, games, rehersals, fundraisers and more

Private messaging: one-on-one or within smaller groups


All your content is completely private

Sharing contact information and pictures of our children can be
nerve-wracking, but with your private social app, all content is
stored on AppZocial’s private servers, so:


It’s never on
the internet

It’s never available to
the general public

You govern what
can be published


Your app’s data is valuable

The admin dashboard shows you exactly how your members are using
the app, so you can discover things like: What’s
trending, which members are most active in influencing the
community and what type of content is most popluar

Branded to your school or mascot!

That’s the whole point. It’s your custom proprietary app. Your
messaging can always be on-brand, you can sell advertising or
sponsorships and run fundraising campaigns right within your
very own app!

Let’s build your digital
community today!

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to create and maintain a private, branded social app for your
league or team!