Corporate brand / B2C

Turn your customers into
brand champions

A custom social app creates a community of your most loyal followers--while you listen
in. Build brand engagement, create and reward brand ambassadors, and understand
what your key influencers are doing.

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Give your loyal customers a
way to connect and share

Some of the biggest brands in the world got that way by building a loyal
community of followers. Creating a community of customers, letting the come
to know one another and share experiences with your brand, is an investment
that can strengthen and shape your brand's future.

In app groups make communication
with your customers easy

Both app administrators and members can create groups within you app.
Groups allow you to learn about your members by observing how they
self-identify, and makes it easier for users to communicate about topics
important to them. Groups could include:


New customers or

Members with specific
interests (running or
chai, or cats)

Rewards club users or
VIP customers


Easily find anyone within the app

While members or admins can search within the app by name, it’s also easy to find
users with other search criteria—which you can add to user profiles—such as:


Geographic location
(”All CA residents”)

Occupation or hobby
(”all doctors”, or “all skiers”)

Other affiliations
(”retail workers” or “members
with dogs”)


Powerful messaging makes
communication a snap

Admins and users have a variety of ways to share
information within the app, including:

Push notifications (admin only) to the whole user base or smaller segments

Team calendars from games and practices to social events

Private messaging: one-on-one or within smaller groups


All content shared in the app remains
completely private

These days, people are understandably concerned about sharing
personal information—from contact info to purchase history. But with a
private social app, all content is stored on AppZocial’s servers, so:


It’s never on
the Internet

It’s never available to
the general public

You govern what
can be published


Your app’s data is valuable

The admin dashboard shows you exactly how your members
are using the app, so you can discover things like: What’s
trending, which members are most active in influencing the
community and what type of content is most popluar

A digital community all your own

That’s the whole point. It’s your custom proprietary app. Your
messaging can always be on-brand, you can sell advertising or
sponsorships and run fundraising campaigns right within your
very own app!

Let’s build your digital
community today!

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