Connect group members
with a custom app

From Aardvark Admirers of America to the Zymology Zocalo, associations and groups of
all kinds have members and administrators who share a desire to stay connected and
informed. An AppZocial custom social networking app is perfect for:

military/veterans associations, police/fire/first responders groups, trade groups and
commercial guilds, technology associations, fraternal organizations, neighborhood
groups, and many more!

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Unifying people with
a common interest

Nowadays, much of our communication is on our smartphones—and that’s
where your association should be, too. A custom social app for your group can
help you stay connected in the modern world, and has many other advantages.

Organize with groups large and small

Administrators or members can create smaller groups within your app.
Your members can use groups to coordinate things like:


Just new members,
female members, or
members over 40

Members in a
geographic area or

Members with certain
skillsets or knowledge


Easily find anyone in your association

Anyone can search within the app by name, or find people or groups with
other search criteria, such as:


Geographic location
(”All CA residents”)

Occupation or skill
(”Paramedics” or Ruby

Other affiliations
(”retail workers” or “members
with dogs”)


Powerful messaging makes
communication a snap

Admins and users have a variety of ways to share
information within the app, including:

Push notifications (admin only) to the whole user base or smaller segments

Team calendars from games and practices to social events

Private messaging: one-on-one or within smaller groups


All content shared in the app remains
completely private

These days, people are understandably concerned about sharing
personal information—from contact info to professional experience,
political views to photos. But with a private social app, all content is
stored on AppZocial’s servers, so:


It’s never on
the Internet

It’s never available to
the general public

You govern what
can be published


Your app’s data is valuable

The admin dashboard shows you exactly how your members
are using the app, so you can discover things like: What’s
trending, which members are most active in influencing the
community and what type of content is most popluar

A digital community all your own

That’s the whole point. It’s your custom proprietary app. Your
messaging can always be on-brand, you can sell advertising or
sponsorships and run fundraising campaigns right within your
very own app!

Let’s build your digital
community today!

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league or team!