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Alumni to Alumni Networking

Your college or university is the strongest affinity group a person will join in their life. Why wait until a reunion on campus to capture those feelings of engagement? With AppZocial, you can have your own branded app for all your alumni members, creating one space for all alumni to engage in. Plan a tailgate before a football game, post informal job openings for young alumni, create smaller sub groups for clubs or teams to reconnect in- all are easy to do and get immediate feedback on.

Plus all the data being created is yours to use, not a corporation’s.


Alumni Engagement

As soon as alumni organizations first formed, the first organizers worried how they would stay relevant with their members. With an organization branded native mobile social those worries will dissipate. Alumni will have immediate access to a safe community of only current alumni and trusted members for real-time information sharing. As the single destination for member announcements, news, networking, events, and activities, AppZocial is the engagement platform for todays alumni.


Young Alumni Recruitment

Todays young alumni are not habitual joiners. Rather, they want to associate with brands that are innovative and show immediate value. With AppZocial, universities can leverage social media’s most engaging qualities while providing a mobile platform for a Millenial’s most important affinity group- their alma mater. Offer the app during a students final year to so they can see the value of the alumni network and association. Once the students graduate, the value of the app and association is already established.


Targeted Micro Campaigns

Lower the barriers of giving and capitalize on important or exciting organizational news or events to philanthropically engage with specific alumni groups. For example, run a micro-campaign for a specific student scholarship, soliciting $10 and higher contributions. In providing an easy to use platform where a donation can be made with a few swipes and a click of a link, AppZocial helps all alumni give back and expands your donor base. Targeted micro campaigns allow you to connect with the right groups of alumni, at the right moment.


Location-Based Discovery

AppZocial connects your alumni on a one-to-one level, so all alumni can improve and expand their network. By leveraging the community, AppZocial helps individuals discover the hidden connections around them, and to meet and network with fellow alumni. Your members can fly into a new city, open up the app, and immediately find other alumni based on their location.


Dynamic Donor Data

Since your AppZocial app is completely owned by your organization, all information entered into the app is securely hosted and always available to you. Easily find out who is the most engaged of your past donors or uncover key social influencers amongst your alumni community who can help you get to the next level of engagement with potential donors. AppZocial provides reporting options to keep you and key stakeholders in your organization, ahead of the conversations affecting your fundraising goals.


Member to Member Networking

Membership based organizations have long relied on physical events or Facebook and Linkedin groups to drive networking. Go beyond events and impersonal forums to provide an exclusive app just for your members. Members can post informal job openings or industry related events. Impromptu social gatherings can get immediate response from the entire member base. Individuals can search for and connect with other members based on similar professional qualifications or interests. With AppZocial, your members have their own branded app, creating one space for all matters of engagement. Plus all the data is yours to use, not an outside corporation.


Professional Industry News & Events

Ensure a well informed and well engaged membership by providing one location for industry news and member related events. Did an industry leader tweet an article about your organization? Did a prominent member win an award? Your members won’t worry about missing anything in the social media universe. Whether it’s the latest tweets, posts or pictures, a curated list of social feeds and organized group of member related events can be all be found in your AppZocial app.


Engagement of Members

Have a central forum for members conversations, create subgroups for specific topics or social endeavors and allow members to search for others with similar interests. With an organization branded native mobile social app this forum can be taken with members wherever they carry their mobile device. Members will have immediate access to your community of only current and trusted members for real-time information sharing. Having this active and engaged membership base will lead to greater overall interest in and increased individual retention.


Young Millennial Recruiting

Millenial’s are not going to join a group that isn’t seen as innovative or dynamic. With AppZocial, membership organizations can leverage social media’s most engaging qualities while providing a mobile platform for all of their constituents. After working so hard to draw young prospective members to an event, why not let prospects take their new network with them on their mobile device? Make it stick by offering 30 days of access to prospective members and send an in-app notification to join once the trial is finished. New members feel immediately connected and your organization gains positive word of mouth.


Community Engagement

Instead of managing disparate email lists, social media groups and sub groups, event planners and dues collection platforms, why not have it all under one, branded app your organization can find on the App Store or Google Play? Send push notifications for team wide announcements or event relocation. Collect dues through one swipe and one click. Use chat forums for impromptu social events or recruiting efforts. Allow club leaders to reach all group members from one place that handles everything for your organization, helping it run smoothly and attracting new members.


Social & Friendships

Did new members just move into town and are looking to meet new people? Do social events, from happy hours to gala’s, occur with regularity? Are members always looking for more ways to stay in touch? Give your members access to your organizations network wherever they go. They can post fun pictures of events or gatherings. They can promote projects or causes they are working on. They can easily meet new people or reach out to those who just joined. Your members will feel valued and rewarded for being part of a rewarding and exclusive group.


Deeper Conversations

Foster and encourage the deeper and more meaningful conversations by providing a safe space that is exclusive only to members of your organization. Should members want to create a forum to discuss specific ideas or topics they can easily create or join a group forum with other similarly interested individuals. With a private app that requires validation or accreditation to join you can ensure that your members will be able to discuss and engage freely in a secure and private environment.


Interactive Content Consumption

With AppZocial, membership organizations can leverage social media’s most engaging qualities while providing a mobile platform for all of their constituents. Post pictures or updates in the general feed and get an immediate response. Ask questions in subject forums and and get answers quickly. Create a profile that others can use to find you based on your interests and profession, and use the same parameters to search for others. Everything in your app is predicated on a two way passage of information and consumption, giving reason for your members to stay engaged.


Student Engagement

From the moment they apply to the day graduate your students are constantly engaging with each other about your school on social media. With AppZocial, you can provide a university branded forum for them to do so while also providing the resources to keep them active and involved with classes and activities. Before they enroll, let them join the app to see if your school is the right social fit for them. While they’re taking classes professors, assistants and students can create class groups to connect. When they graduate they can take the app with them to stay connected with their friends and alumni office. All while you control the data and content.


Parent Engagement

Keeping parents engaged is of greater importance than ever and social media provides a natural way for administrators, coaches, staff and faculty to have a genuine connection with parents. AppZocial provides the place where this can happen while keeping your faculty and staff’s profiles professional and under the guise of your school’s brand. Faculty and staff can keep their personal and professional lives separate while still connecting with an important constituent group.


Parent to Parent Networking

Are parents often looking for advice on where to eat or stay near the school? Do new parents often need help in navigating the new processes and systems they encounter? For parents their greatest and most trusted source of information when seeking information about your school is other parents. Make it easier for your current, prospective and alumni parents to ask questions, organize events or ride shares, and connect socially and professionally with other parents at your institution.


Information & Help Resource

Whether it’s a planned campus event or an emergency notification, schools always need to share information with their students, parents and alumni. They also need to solicit realtime feedback from those same constituents. With AppZocial you can do both, whether it’s sending immediate announcement's via push notifications and keeping a curated list of events or gathering real time feedback through socially interactive and informal polls.


Employee Engagement

Employee engagement leads to higher retention, workplace satisfaction, and productivity. Give your employees a place to share information and build better relationships with each other. Your employees can post a lunchtime basketball pickup game and allow other employees to join the fun. They can create a book reading group to help build leadership skills together. They can post car or ride sharing routes and find people to commute with. This is all possible with a private social app in the enterprise.


Partner & Vendor Engagement

Engage your partners/vendors in a new and unique way. Give them access to real time information and allow them to network with each other as well. Every vendor wants to build additional partnerships and there’s no better way than curating a place for them to all network. Your partners will be able to post information about the latest industry trends that can be shared with other partners.


Customer Engagement

Are you looking for new and innovative ways to engage your customers? Imagine giving your customers access to a network of other customers who love your brand and product. They can post fun pictures of how they are using your product or testimonials. You can offer real-time promotions and incentives through the app. Your customers will feel valued and rewarded for having an exclusive place. It’s like being part of a platinum rewards program that is fun and social with other platinum members.


Feedback & Chatter

Every organization is looking to capture dynamic data on what their employees, partners, and customers are saying. Imagine if you can poll your stakeholders and ask them questions about what you can improve or what they love about your company. No one likes to fill out formal surveys anymore so AppZocial gives you the features to ask informal polls through a social interaction which can give you the feedback data you need.


Attract And Engage Younger Millennials Into Your Community.

“Millennials are 262% more likely to be influenced by mobile apps than the general population.”

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